Impacting a Student in Less Than Five Minutes

The following list came out of a discussion during our weekly staff meeting about how to impact a student in less than five minutes.

This is the list that we came up with:

Email a parent

Bridge Meeting (Bringing a student to our conference room.)

Counselor follow-up

Plan a three-point praise (A teacher tells a teacher to tell a student they rock.)

Write a note to a student

SPED case manager update

Review the plan for the week

Tell a great story about a student

Make a plan for study/lunch tutors

Email off-team teachers about a concern

Look at IC: Contact student’s parent with a D/F

Update the team on what is going on in your content

Send a mass email to parents of students with missing assignments

Review GIFT/Sophomore Study students: What can you do for one of them?

This list is hanging in our conference room.