Understanding the NOW for a greater LATER!

Good information is accurate, practical, real, and timely. I think we did that this week for our freshmen.

We created a PowerPoint that highlighted The Final 15 days before Finals for Freshmen.

Over the last two days teachers brought their team of 100 freshmen to the Little Theater during their study/lunch.

There were three important things we wanted to tell them:

Credits are important because you need them to be a sophomore.

It takes 5.0 credits to move to sophomore status. If you have only 4.5 credits, it won’t cut it. You don’t want to be a super freshman.

GPA is important because it matters to colleges and you are building it today. 

We created a GPA story about a student who was 2% below the next letter grade in all six classes. If this student raised each class by 2%, the student’s present GPA jumped from a 2.8 to 3.7 for the semester. This is a real difference and many students have one or more classes that are close to that next letter grade.

Semester Tests are important because this is how we determine Open Lunch for your junior year.

If students score an average of 85% on their District semester tests during their freshman and sophomore year, students receive open lunch their junior year. This is a motivator to all those A or B students who can throw the semester test and still keep the same grade. More is riding on this test than just a grade. Those bubbles in the right place lead to freedom for an hour every day for an entire year.

While teachers presented this information, I watched. I expected a certain degree of looking around and side-talking, but the freshmen were focused. The information we laid out spoke to the NOW for a greater LATER. If they stepped up their game today, they could impact their status next year, impact their GPA for that future college application, or open up the possibility of lunch on the town every day for their entire junior year.

They were listening.