Examples Matter

We did a training yesterday for our Peer Tutors working in our online classrooms. This a pilot program for our Apex platform. Many students who fail classes and are moved to the Apex learning platform are in need of constant attention.

We focus this attention through a clipboard carried by an upperclassman we recruited to be in these classrooms.

In our training on Monday we provided examples of the kind of feedback we are expecting. There are two simple questions that they answer:

  1. Where did the student start the day?

  2. What would key observations/actions from the day?

  • Examples of what to write on the clipboards:

    • What unit or assignment the student was working on

    • student was on another website

    • struggling with point-slope formula

    • needs to be moved to a different part of the room

    • other observations

In looking at the sheets immediately following yesterday’s training, we were impressed with the attention to detail these advanced students are able to bring to their work with a simple example.

Examples are powerful things.