Talking Points for The Circle of Success

Language matters. Language that is repeated is more impactful. We started with the Circle of Success  and spent part of a school year boiling each idea down into the language that we could use in our classrooms and put on our walls.

Here are our talking points:


  1. If it’s on the board, it’s important.

  2. Preparation starts way before you enter the classroom.

  3. Working bell to bell means less homework and better grades.

  4. Resources make a difference:

    1. What do you need to do?

    2. What resources do you have?

    3. What’s next?




The Steps of Homework

Name it.

Do it.

Place it.

Return it.


Review it.

. . . Keep it.

It’s that simple.



Create something new when you review


It’s all about vocabulary!

The five “R’s” of Review

  1. Resources

  2. Reread

  3. Restate

  4. Redo

  5. Then relax.



Eating and sleeping matter!

Relax, there’s no ribbon for finishing first.

Eliminate the wrong answers.

Knowledge is power, and cheating is wrong.



A grade equals how you did, not who you are.

What did you do right?

What will you do differently the next time?


Here is a WORD document of the posters that are on our walls.