Thoughts on homework at the beginning of the year

I want to declare to teachers the importance of homework:

Homework is the currency of learning. Just like other currencies, the value is not in the paper but in what it means, what it represents. In this case it represents learning.

For all students, it is unacceptable to allow students to not do homework.

For those that don’t do homework, we must find out why.

The tension never goes away: For students who do not do their homework we must demand it and yet also seek to understand the cause for its absence.

We must design homework that fosters learning.

We must value the homework we create and assign. If it’s not worth going after it, then it’s not worth doing. We waste our time grading such homework.

Expect students to do whatever comes out of your mouth. If you aren’t going to expect obedience, then don’t say it.