Summer Connections: Why Should Freshmen Come?

Last year as I was being introduced to a group of eighth graders at a middle school, the 8th grade teacher paid Connections a wonderful compliment. She said, “In all the years that I’ve had my eighth graders come back and talk to me about high school, I’ve never had one say they didn’t enjoy Connections. They all enjoyed it and found it valuable.” High praise from a reliable source, the students.

Over the last six years more and more brothers and sisters of former Connections students join us for this 10-day adventure. Not only that, we have our former Connections students coming back as student-leaders.

So why should a student come to Connections? We list a couple of good reasons in our brochure:

Find YOUR locker location and combination

Practice reading strategies

Problem solve fun challenges

Walk YOUR high school schedule

Review math skills

Understand credits, G.P.A., and averages

Tour the entire building

Learn the “rules” of high school

Navigate the lunch room layout

Meet new friends

Earn a half credit toward graduation

Talk to the principals and building staff

Meet upperclassmen

Have a blast!!

Dr. Richard Curwin said in his book Discipline with Dignity that “the only way to ensure students pay attention is to be interesting or useful.” The feedback that we are receiving from freshmen tells us that Connections is doing both.