Decode, Encode, Reload – Intervention Day Reflections

I just attended a vocabulary workshop. We discussed different ways to decode, encode, and reload a vocabulary word.

What if we did that with students? Would it be too telling, too critical, too honest that we couldn’t write it down?

We select one student each week to intervene on. This process is talked about more in depth in other posts about Intervention Day.

Decode – Defining the student

What if we sought to define a student using describing words around different ideas. Here are a couple of suggestions:

1.) Give descriptors of the student’s classroom activity:

2.) Give descriptors of the student’s homework:

3.) Give descriptors of the student’s interactions with peers:

Encode – As we encode the student into our team consciousness, we share the different perspectives each of us have on the students as well as the student interview and parent interview. We do this in order to have a fuller understanding of the student, a more rounded understanding of the student in a fuller context.

Reload – I often ask this question: So what’s next? How do we take this knowledge and do something with it?

In a meeting just yesterday, we spent 10 seconds sitting in silence toward the end of our meeting. Four heads leaning into the knowledge of this one students and unable to see the next step.

There is a great opportunity here to develop grids or questions to challenge our own limited perspective on what’s next.

We need to reload well. There is no Plan B. We are it. The good work that we are doing is ripe for improvement.