Reminding Us About What We Already Knew

Here’s a great poster we created about actions teams can take.

It helps remind us of what we already knew.

Great prompts!

Chunk a goal: Contract with a freshman to get two done by tomorrow

Create a missing assignment report for each student

Call parents of students with too many GIFTs

Move students to the best study/lunch

Check/Clean-up GIFT lunch list

Email off-team teachers

Bridge meeting with a student

Take a student off after-school tutoring 

Follow-up on a previous conversation with a student

Put a student on after-school tutoring

Update study/lunch SMART Board

Pair the student with a freshman

Create a three-point praise

Look for patterns

Email parents

Check for birthdays

Schedule a parent meeting

Look at case management sheets

Create a contract for a disruptive student

Check next semester’s schedule of struggling students

Check through grade reports for off-team grade concerns

Make a list of positive students to talk to on Friday

Request an Intervention Day for a freshman

Email/call parents of absent students

Clean out/straighten team shelves

Email the counselor about a student

Look at middle school data on a student

Acknowledge something a team member did well

Update other teachers on vocab they should know for your class